Production Company Full service audio, video, lighting.

In every new project, we start from a solid technical knowledge, enriched by creativity and innovation.

We create great events

The Production Group is a peculiar full service production company that can not only provide the most innovative solutions on the market, but also invent new ones.

We join the audiovisual market with the aim to provide companies operating in the events organization, a highly professional support. Ranging from concept and design, production to post-production, by elimina providing the customers with technological innovations and the best skilled workers of the industry as a lighting designers, Directors, Engineers, Production Managers, Technical Managers, Architects, Cameraman and videomaker.

We are able to make important stagecraft systems in every location, knowing the most efficient processing techniques, experimenting new ones thanks to flexibility and creativity. Accompaning client during the event realization makes our business excellence.

Great events & Conventions

We organize international events, combining experience, creativity and technological innovation.

Live happenings & Multimedia Setting

Only an excellent stagecraft can enhance any art form.

Brand Experience & Road Show

Originality and dynamism are two of our main features.

Production, Editing & Videomapping

We create strong visual contents that involve profoundly custumers in order to have people sharing the same emotions contemporarely.


Stagecraft design

Full service

Audio video lighting rental and staging.


Video and graphics creations.

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