Service production in Rome, Full service audio, video, lighting. Creativity and leading Technologies.

The Production Group is not only a service production company in Rome but a valuable partner able to support you  in the  realization of your events. With us you have strong technical knowledge enriched by creativity and innovation.

THE-P was born in Italy but our team belongs to international experiences that can offer you a brilliant outcome from the project to the upshot. THE-P is ready to turn your aims and desires into reality

New solutions

EXPERIENCE, We know how to tell your story through immages, lights, sounds and amazing settings.

Customer care

We LISTEN to the customer’s needs and find the best solutions ever (scenografical and technical). A constant challenge in a market increasingly demanding on innovation, creativity, according to your budget.

Corporate strengths

A Large CREW, company vehicles for transportation, leading technologies, frequent investments, market planning to ensure our client the best results.

Speed and Efficiency

Our working METHOD ensures speed and efficiency at every stage of the project, from budgeting, to production, to final implementation.


Our projects are based on brief, client’s objectives, locations, according to your budget and tend to a strong visual impact.

We provide all the necessary technology to your event, with competent technical support staff. This is our strength.

We like to turn the event into a show, with creative an unconventional technological solutions… Sometime, best ideas come from a change of course.

The lighting design is a focal point to convey emotions and feelings. Studing the placement, giving color to a set design, enhancing a stage, lighting a detail, choosing the right luminaire, communicating with lightings (are the best way to make your event unique).

Direction, as the technical production of an event, requires team work and experience, technical expertise and creativity.

Making a movie is not only choosing the best images, but means creating emotions through images. We offer a variety of solutions, producing corporate, industrial, institutional, commercial and music videos.


At this stage we collect ideas and goals of the client, thinking, imaging and proposing the best strong visual impact solutions.


We create the work team, we look for the most suitable and modern technology, search for the most impactful and engaging audio, study the lighting design, evaluate the scenical impact.


This is the time to build, install, wire, test the equipment, supervise all technical aspects of the event, dealing with the customer.